consumer events 

2018 | Daimler – World Premiere Mercedes-Benz eCitaro

Daimler AG invited 650 guests from the international trade and business press as well as customers of the sales department to a two-day event in Hall 45 in Mainz.

The focus was on the world premiere of the new all-electric city bus Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. The new eCitaro was presented in an impressive "ePowerPerformance" between two high-voltage coils. The 22 meter wide mobile LED wall, which could move forwards and backwards as well as vertically, supported the dynamic Reveal show.

2014 | Mercedes-Benz – G-Class Experience

As part of the 35th anniversary of the G-Class, an exclusive circle of 350 guests from the Chinese market was invited to Graz for four days.

On the site of the MagnaSteyr plant, the headquarters of the G-Class production, a 3,000 sqm tent formed the main location of the event.

The four-day programme included three high-quality evening events, off-road experiences on the southernmost peak of the Schöckl mountain range in Graz, demonstrations and self-driving on the off-road test track and a factory tour including audio commentary in a golf car column.
An integrated auditorium provided the platform for official and presentations. The two-part stage became a stage for festive speeches and entertainment in the evening.

The aim was to take advantage of this unique opportunity and get the Chinese Mercedes-Benz colleagues, investors and dealers interested in the vehicle. The majority of the participants had heard nothing or not much about the G-Class before the invitation to the event and thus had an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Photo ©Stephan Brendgen

2013 | Mercedes-Benz – #Untamed

The launch of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA: young, dynamic and unadapted he stands out from the crowd.

The advertising campaign specifically addressed the postmodern audience, people critical of advertisement. In order to convince the target audience of the CLA, their attention needed to be caught right at their individual interests. Therefore, the task was to create events that are adequate for both, brand and target group. The requirement: to invent an innovative form of photo exhibition. The installation needed to be technically innovative and designed emotionally grasping, leading the viewer to interact with its content and its room structure.

2010-2011 | smart – Smart Urban Stage

Communicative support for small series start of the smart electric drive until the launch of sale of its series production. smart positions itself as a pioneer with the only real electric vehicle.

Development of a logistics concept, location scouting, organization and implementation of the kick-off event in Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt.

International event lead of the over-all project including coordination of the markets and local agencies in the European cities Rome, Zurich, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Milan.

2008-2012 | Metro Group – Meeting Metro

In order to be able to communicate with applicants, Metro Group created its very own event platform:  “Meeting Metro”.

Every year, ca. 800 students are invited to the information event „Meeting Metro“. In a big auditorium, the company introduces itself to its applicants.

The auditorium is designed with a spectacular 180° multimedia projection.

Well-known keynote speakers like Urs Meier or Rainer Calmund offer an additional value to the conference.

2007-2008 | smart – smart house, Los Angeles

Idea and creation of the kick-off for the US-market launch of the smart fortwo.

Set-up of an exclusive studio house in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, representing the center of the US American market launch.

Detailed staging of the brand image by means of test drives, product consulting and a smart gallery.

Organization of 30 events in the smart house in the fields of environment and climate protection, music, fashion, art and zeitgeist.

2007 | smart – Sponsoring LIVE EARTH

LIVE EARTH was a worldwide series of concerts, taking place on all seven continents for 24 hours following the example of Live Aid and Live 8. Like this, LIVE EARTH became the largest benefit and music event in history so far.

Al Gore, the former US vice president and environmental activist  once founded the project together with music producer Kevin Wall. Their aim was, to draw attention to global warming.

smart as main sponsor of the worldwide event commissioned [mu:d] GmbH with the planning and organization of smart´s complete brand appearance in New York, London and Hamburg.

There were 75.000 promotional articles per city produced and distributed by over 100 promoters. In addition, 18 live percussionists performed in front of the stadiums.