2013 | Mercedes-Benz – #Untamed

The launch of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA: young, dynamic and unadapted he stands out from the crowd.

The advertising campaign specifically addressed the postmodern audience, people critical of advertisement. In order to convince the target audience of the CLA, their attention needed to be caught right at their individual interests. Therefore, the task was to create events that are adequate for both, brand and target group. The requirement: to invent an innovative form of photo exhibition. The installation needed to be technically innovative and designed emotionally grasping, leading the viewer to interact with its content and its room structure.

The installation showed photographs of interested Instagram users. Every participant had a direct and immediate influence on the exhibition.

During this exhibition more than 12.000 Instagram pictures were displayed. Extensive and broad media coverage in many international online publications (i.e. Designyoutrust) was generated.

Destinations: Paris and New York.

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