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2016 | Daimler – CV IAA MediaNight

In order to reinforce Daimler AG's technological leadership in commercial vehicles, the press department invited guests to the Linden combined heat and power plant in the heart of Hanover.

Around 400 journalists from 50 countries found their way to the "three warm brothers" on the eve of the IAA Commercial Vehicles, as the towers of the combined heat and power plant are affectionately called by the Hanoverians.

Directly onto the untreated wall of the power plant 46 x 13 meters were projected and the floor was integrated into the show by laser.
A drone accompanied the entire event and opened up completely new perspectives not only for the guests on site, but also on all social media channels.

The aim was to present the future trio Urban eTruck, Future Bus und Vision Van of Daimler Trucks, Daimler Buses and Mercedes-Benz Vans with the communication focus on e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity.


Photo ©Daimler AG

2017 | Daimler – Leadership 2020 Summit

The design concept of the Summit-Event Area reflected the new management principles of Daimler AG and served the networked program as an emotional open platform. Modules of information and entertainment were held in the style of a silent conference, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere with large, connecting rooms and wide viewing axes.

The WHY-Box acted as a gate into the Leadership 2020 world for the participants. 360° projections visualized the Daimler pioneering spirit of the past 130 years up to the challenges of the new age of digitalization.

For the #stepintochange you need the right outfit. In the sneaker big box the participants received change game sneakers in the corporate design colours of the Leadership 2020 campaign.


Photo ©Stephan Brendgen & Stephanie Trenz

2018 | Daimler – FutureLab@Mercedes-Benz Trucks

In June Mercedes-Benz Trucks organized a Future Lab at the BIC Wörth for a small circle of selected specialized journalists.

The intention of the press event was to create a different kind of advance communication for the IAA Commercial Vehicles by providing a holistic insight into the current and future developments at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

The biggest challenge was to give the frequently used location a completely new look and thereby underlining the theme of the event.

Photo ©Kilian Bishop

FutureLab@Mercedes-Benz Trucks am 26.6.2018 in Wörth // FutureLab@Mercedes-Benz Trucks on 26.6.2018 in Wörth, Germany