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2014 | Mercedes-Benz – G-Class Experience

As part of the 35th anniversary of the G-Class, an exclusive circle of 350 guests from the Chinese market was invited to Graz for four days.

On the site of the MagnaSteyr plant, the headquarters of the G-Class production, a 3,000 sqm tent formed the main location of the event.

The four-day programme included three high-quality evening events, off-road experiences on the southernmost peak of the Schöckl mountain range in Graz, demonstrations and self-driving on the off-road test track and a factory tour including audio commentary in a golf car column.
An integrated auditorium provided the platform for official and presentations. The two-part stage became a stage for festive speeches and entertainment in the evening.

The aim was to take advantage of this unique opportunity and get the Chinese Mercedes-Benz colleagues, investors and dealers interested in the vehicle. The majority of the participants had heard nothing or not much about the G-Class before the invitation to the event and thus had an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Photo ©Stephan Brendgen