2014 | Mercedes-Benz – World Premiere Actros Arocs SLT

Mercedes-Benz factory Molsheim (France) & Mercedes-Benz factory Wörth (Germany)

Mercedes-Benz concluded the Euro VI offensive with the presentation of the premier class of heavy trucks. A two-day event provided the setting for the world premiere of the two heavy-duty trucks Actros SLT and Arocs SLT.

The aim was to position both trucks as high-tech products and to generate broad positive coverage of the new vehicles in the European trade media. An important focus was on communicating the in-house competence of Mercedes-Benz Trucks with the "Manufacture Molsheim".

Photo ©Dirk Weyhenmeyher

On the first day of the event in Molsheim, 200 journalists from the international trade press were given didactically structured workshops and guided tours of the Custom Tailored Trucks' performance. The official press conference with the reveal of the vehicles in Wörth followed on the second day of the event.