2014 | Mercedes-Benz – The New Vito

World premiere for 400 guests of the international trade press.

The “Kraftwerk” in Berlin was the bare brickwork backdrop.

The various elements of the venue, the former heating plant “Mitte” - part of Berlin’s industrial heritage.

Here Vito’s claim “The Vito comes when the bare brickwork is done.” Could be perfectly interpreted.

Industrial materials like wooden pallets,  portable floodlights, mobile scaffold and mesh fabric presented the consistent style idea across all levels of the event and in the workshop areas. Stylized tools or goods in transit formed a special typography, suitable for the respective core benefit of the models.  The staging area with a rustic seat grandstand, moving screens, which were part of the scenery by medial performance was the presentation area for the world premiere.

The first official appearance of the Vito consisted of a nuanced choreography with 10 vehicles and dramaturgically moving scenes from what the Vito encounters every day. At the wheel: craftsmen, taxi drivers, beverage distributors, garden landscape farmer & co.  Goods and actors were on- and offloaded and transported dynamically in the Vito through the scenery.  The evening ended in the elegant dining area, in the style of Mercedes-Benz. This graduated the successful staging of the Vito in the middle of the shell construction, and led the guests back to their own world of business.